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Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters optimally and flexibly.


Challenges & Solutions

Desafios & Soluções

Desafios & Soluções

Operate and manage Kubernetes with GitOps, promoting cloud native agility, reliability and scalability.

Challenges with Kubernetes

What are you facing?

  • Difficulties in making changes to the infrastructure
  • It's necessary to manage platform configuration complexity
  • Deploy and sustain platforms used by multiple teams in different environments
  • Configurations demand high financial costs and they are time-consuming


How we can help you_

  • Proactive monitoring and observability with deviance alert
  • Scalable cluster management
  • Provenance assurance through integrated audit path
  • Improved reliability to automate the upgrade process




Soluções Weaveworks

GitOps for business

GitOps for business

Weave Kubernetes Platform

It speeds-up cluster delivery and security with best practices and policy management.

GitOps simplifies setup and management in your organization. Benefit from Kubernetes’ flexible operations in a wide variety of environments, from cloud and local data centers to edge based clusters.





Get new processes, practices and tools that combined with test automation and deliveries result in engaged teams and accelerate changes more safely.

Consistent environments

Quickly create, update and manage clusters of production-ready applications with a single click. Organize your environment and deploy Kubernetes anywhere with GitOps.

Secure management

Reduce operations overload with automated cluster lifecycle management.

High Operational Quality

Get real-time feedback and built-in control loops. Avoid crashes and recover faster.


Who trusts our work to create innovative and more competitive digital solutions and businesses

For over 21 years, we’ve been strategically working as a partner in the digital transformation process.

Reference in Strategy and API Management, Cloud, Microservices, Digital Solutions and DevOps.



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Why adopting
Weaveworks + Vertigo?

Weaveworks Authorized Partner

As a official Weaveworks’ partner in Brazil for reseller and professional services, we offer a cloud-native reference architecture that adapts to your business needs.

Your business can benefit from an already validated project model, or it can design, review and select technology stack options with our help.


Let your developers use everything they need to build their delivery flows.


Get a single set of configuration files adapted for different clouds, clusters and specific tools.


Define a single set of access control policies, keep it in Git, and apply to all specific clusters and teams.

Instant CI/CD

Observe deployments as they happen to measure and react to the impact of a change.