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What are your challenges with cloud?


Quais são seus desafios com a nuvem?

Speed-up growth and get scalability and resilience for your business with security, cost-cutting and a high level of stability.

Challenges by using cloud

What are you facing?

  • Need for a new operating model
  • Difficulties in testing new products or innovations
  • Long development cycles


How we can help you_

  • High application performance assurance
  • Security management
  • Systems resilience and quick incorporation of changes
  • Reduction of operational costs

AWS Solutions


Soluções AWS


The most adopted and most comprehensive cloud platform in the world, aiming to reduce costs, get more efficiency and innovate more quickly.

Cloud computing leadership

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It offers considerably more services than any other cloud provider





Get new processes, practices and tools that combined with test automation
and deliveries, result in engaged teams and accelerate changes more safely.

Cutting edge security

Infrastructure built to meet military and global organizations security requirements, that handle highly sensitive information.

Speeding-up innovation

Innovation in a speed-up way, to create new technologies to transform your business.

High Operational Quality

Rely on the unrivaled experience, maturity, reliability, security and performance of AWS, which has the world’s greatest operational experience.


Trusting our work to create innovative and more competitive digital business and solutions

For over 21 years we’ve been strategically working as a partner in the digital transformation process.

Reference in Strategy and API Management, Cloud, Microservices, Digital Solutions and DevOps.



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Why adopting
AWS + Vertigo?

AWS Partner

As a AWS partner, we support your company to grow and scale your businesses. We speed-up your cloud native journey, applying the best tools and methodologies to simplify the process with maximum performance.


Create fast and flexible processes for developing and implementing new business applications.


Ease of testing new hypotheses and solutions, with assured performance and quick response to changes.


Improve your processes with technological scalability without having to make high investments.


Access as many features as you need and scale to your needs in just minutes.