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Kong Inc., an open source company since its foundation, makes it easier and faster to connect and manage APIs and microservices in hybrid and multicloud environments.


Challenges & Solutions

Desafios & Soluções

Desafios & Soluções

Connect all your services with Kong platform. Empower your developers to create and optimize your APIs.

Challenges with APIs

What are you facing?

  • It's necessary to break monoliths to accelerate innovation
  • Application management failure
  • Difficulties in engaging consumers and business partners
  • Configurations demand high financial expenses and they are time-consuming
  • It's necessary implement new service channels
  • Revenue models are scarce


How we can help you_

  • Security and governance of APIs and microservices quickly and easily
  • Decentralization of services and applications
  • Building an engagement platform for ecosystems of companies and sectors
  • Structuring secure and scalable mobile solutions

Soluções Kong




Build applications quickly with a full-stack platform that provides integrated API management and Service Mesh.

Service connectivity for modern architectures

Kong Konnect

Your applications will have greater performance and scalability in integrations, in a simplified way.

Discover the best platform to integrate and manage APIs and services. Position your company at the cutting edge of technology, with the perfect tool to manage the transition from monoliths to modern, more versatile, secure and decentralized standards.





Get new processes, practices and tools that combined with test automation
and deliveries result in engaged teams and accelerate changes more safely.

Connect anything

Install plugins to improve and connect services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, regardless of manufacturer. Transition to containers and Kubernetes quickly and easily with an API Gateway that dynamically responds to changes.

Speed-up innovation in your business

Use Kong’s robust plugin library to promote reuse and reduce redundant code tasks across technologies and locations, significantly reducing the cognitive load of development teams.

Unlock new ecosystems

Instantly take advantage of new ecosystems through a developer platform built for distributed architectures.


Who trusts our work to create innovative and more competitive digital solutions and businesses

For over 21 years, we’ve been strategically working as a partner in the digital transformation process.

Reference in Strategy and API Management, Cloud, Microservices, Digital Solutions and DevOps.



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Why adopting
Kong + Vertigo?

Authorized partner

As official Kong partner in Brazil, we offer a world-class platform for managing and delivering APIs and microservices in hybrid cloud, multicloud and Service Mesh deployments.

We believe Kong’s approach to API and microservices is the way of the future by delivering even more value and agility to the market.

Open Source

Free customization, greater reliability and interoperability

DevOps delivery flows

New projects in faster production

Systems integration

Connect technologies and people much easier, faster and more securely

Hybrid architecture

Unified management, orchestration, integration and portability of workloads