Docker container

Build, deliver and run any application in any environment, whether on premise or in the cloud, regardless of where it’s deployed.





Update your applications and make migration to cloud easier with Kubernetes and Swarm containers orchestration platforms.

Challenges with containers

What are you facing?

  • Lack of security for applications
  • Difficulties in correcting software
  • Great use of infrastructure resources
  • Human errors and open vulnerabilities
  • No visibility and sharing of secrets between teams
  • Difficulty in running Windows-Native workloads


How we can help you_

  • Integrated security
  • Faster and safer mechanisms for software correction
  • Improved compliance
  • Simplifying the use of infrastructure on demand
  • Run Windows and Linux workers in the same environment





Speed-up new technologies delivery, increase end-to-end security levels and reduce all costs in IT operation with an ideal platform for implementing DevOps.

Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Docker Enterprise

Enable a secure software supply chain with high availability across different infrastructures, whether on premise or cloud.

Aimed at the corporate market, it provides support service, certified images, monitoring, management center, multicloud support, execution of critical applications at scale and quarterly releases.

Through secure communication with clusters, it provides a multi-architecture of orchestration and ensures a modern and secure deployment chain.

Sharing and Collaboration

Docker Hub

World leader in locating and sharing container images.

The world’s largest repository of container images with different content sources including developers, open source projects and independent software providers. Users can access free public repositories for storing and sharing images or can choose a private subscription plan.





Get new processes, practices and tools that combined with test and delivery automation
result in engaged teams and speed-up changes more safely .

DevOps and CI/CD

Automate development pipelines while phasing conflicts out over the use of different applications.


Reduce costs, consolidate your infrastructure and speed-up migration to cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Get fully portable applications across public and private clouds without rewriting a code.


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For over 21 years we’ve been strategically working as a partner in the digital transformation process.

Reference in Strategy and API Management, Cloud, Microservices, Digital Solutions and DevOps.



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Why adopting
Docker + Vertigo?

First official partner in Latin America

Vertigo was a visionary and pioneer company in becoming Docker’s first Consulting Partner and Authorized Reseller in Latin America in 2015. This is a very strategic partnership for us as we believe that container adoption is the best way to accelerate DevOps implementation and thus enable true Digital Transformation

To get to understand Docker better, follow the tool in production and talk to experts who can present it and answer questions in real time.

We are Docker’s Consulting Partners, which is why we have the most qualified professionals in the market who can help you scale your demand and understand how Docker applies to your business.


Fast failure response time and reduced delivery time.


Accelerated development, deployment and modernization.


Creation of a strong governance model.


Faster, safer and more integrated mechanisms.